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Dan [userpic]

Congratulations to eibbil_libbie and other Cubs fans on winning the 2016 National League Pennant!

I watched what I could of the earlier games in the series, but watched Game Six from start to finish. A stellar performance by the entire team, especially their starter Kyle Hendricks who managed to record all but the last five outs. Hats off to a lineup who managed to get the better of Clayton Kershaw, who even not at 100% is a force to be reckoned with.

Now while the Red Sox were eliminated in the Division Series and thereby Big Papi's career came to a close, I can't begrudge the Indians. I'd be amazed if there are any baseball fans who aren't supporters of one of these teams that could be disappointed with either possible outcome of this World Series.

I'd like to say Cubs in 7, but given they've not seen a World Series title in 108 years, I'm tipping the Cubs in 5, so they wrap it up at Wrigley Field.

(My Red Sox avatar is the closest I have to anything Cubs related, sorry folks).

I apologise for my absence, but life keeps me busy, and most of my social media time is over at Facebook these days. 

Dan [userpic]

Some time since my last post about Space Battleship Yamato 2199, the remake of the legendary 1974 anime that was repackaged outside Japan as Star Blazers. I totally forgot to post my review of Episodes 3-6.  Since then, I've seen another eight episodes, and words can't do this production justice. It eclipses an already classic story by quite a long way. Things that were just there in the original are now explained and have a reason for being there rather than specifically to destroy the Yamato or acting as if it was natural for them to be there.  A wider cast of characters add to the storyline and take some of the focus away from the four main characters; additional villains appear, including some from later Yamato series, including a battle between Gamilon and the Comet Empire. Some additional stories which weren't in the original, and plot twists you'll probably not find out the truth about until the very end. Anyone who loved the original series will be blown completely away by this remake. While we won't see a western licence for quite some time, especially with an English dub, you can buy the Blu-Rays from Japan, all region and English-subtitled. The Japanese cast is a who's who of Japanese voice acting and deliver stellar performances.  Get them from Amazon and while they're more expensive than US Blu-Rays would be, they're still better value than most, and with the dollar here in Australia and in the US both at long-time highs, it's not going to break the bank. Trust me, the cost won't enter your mind once you see it.

While I've seen the first four chapters of seven, the fifth chapter has just commenced screening in Japanese cinemas and the first episode aired two weeks ago, on the anniversary of the IJN Yamato's sinking in World War II. They've now shortened the cycle for the movies' release from three months to two, so the final episode will air 39 years to the day after the original Yamato's first episode premiered in 1974. Shit I'm showing my age, I was not even a month old when that happened.

And now I have finally enough incentive to go to Japan like I've been threatening to for years: the seventh and final chapter of Yamato 2199 opens in Japanese cinemas on August 24, A bunch of fans from around the world are organising to be there for the premiere (and as an additional bonus, the live-action Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, known in the west as Battle of the Planets opens on the same day). I think I'll spend two weeks there and do some additional time in Osaka and Kyoto as well as Tokyo, with a view to not seeing everything there is to see there, but rather get some ideas of what to see when I eventually go back for a much longer trip.

Dan [userpic]

First we had the floods which covered three quarters of the state of Queensland (which is for reference, larger than Alaska and the flooded area was roughly that of France and Germany combined), and now a Category 5 cyclone is headed for Cairns. Yasi is roughly the same size as Katrina for reference. Cairns is about 1500-1600km away from me in Brisbane, so I'm not in the path of it or anywhere near it (the thing we have to worry about is if the depression that it reverts to after it crosses the coast comes southward and starts flooding areas that have been flooded one or more times in recent weeks). I hope those up there are safe.

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Dan [userpic]

Even the Australian Museum has an entry on Drop Bears

Dan [userpic]

Hi everyone, belated Christmas greetings to you all! Sorry I've not posted in ages, but as usual, things have been as busy as hell. Especially the last few weeks.

Since I last posted....Collapse )

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Dan [userpic]

The trailer for the Japanese live-action Space Battleship Yamato movie opening in December.


I love being able to feel like a kid again. And this makes me feel like a kid again.

Actually, come to think of it, when haven't I felt like a kid? :P

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Dan [userpic]

Okay, what have I been up to in the ages since my last post?

Well, Wednesday-Thursday I did a round trip into Sydney to watch State of Origin football. Came out of enemy territory with victory. Sw33t. Going back in July for the third game in the series which will either be the deciding game, or an attempt at a clean sweep. Queensland is looking at turning an unprecedented four-year series winning streak into a five-year one. Had a very nice hotel room looking over Sydney Harbour framed by the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I dread to think what this room would cost on New Year's Eve. But man, does a 1800km round trip tire you out. Even if you're not driving.

Been bowling regularly for about six months now. First in a Phantom league (where you bowl under an alias any time during the week) and now in a doubles league with my sister. My performances up until the last couple of weeks have been ordinary, but the last 2-3 weeks haven't been too bad.

Today went and bought my toy for the year - a Nikon D90 DSLR camera with 18-55 and 55-200 lenses. Been meaning to replace my old museum-piece Kodak DC280 for awhile now, and figured after evaluating a handful of cameras that this was the most worthwhile investment.

Work's been insane up until the last few weeks. Especially since February when my former team leader came in and shook the team up considerably. Bottom line is though, the team is performing much better, is more productive, and just as importantly, is a lot happier since we eliminated a lot of the bullshit we were forced to do up until then. And I mean "we" since I'm actually doing a lot of the management stuff myself, which I'm not particularly fond of, but I get by. Dilbert keeps me wondering whether Scott Adams works in my office.

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Dan [userpic]

Robotech producer Carl Macek passed away at the weekend.

He was a person who generated a lot of controversy among anime fans, although I often wonder how many negative opinions were well informed or justified. No matter how you look at it, his contribution to the US (and by extension, international) anime industry and to getting the ball rolling on getting more and more anime outside of Japan cannot be diminished or overlooked.

But for me, I'll remember him just as much for producing a series which had the 11-year-old me getting out of bed before the sun to watch it in the middle of winter when it opened up the morning cartoons at 6am, watching transforming fighter planes battle forty-foot-tall giant aliens in a space battle royale.

So thanks, Carl. For entertaining me both as a kid and as an adult, and for exposing anime to the world outside Japan.

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Dan [userpic]

New Vegemite name chosen from online suggestions

*Shakes head*

ETA: I should point out that this particular Vegemite is a new variety which is supposed to be mellower in flavour and easier to spread than the original - reviews here suggest is premixed with butter.

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Dan [userpic]

Saw Star Trek on Tuesday night with the usual suspects.  Not having watched collectively more than two hours of previous incarnations in my lifetime (although knowing more than enough about the characters to follow everything), I went in with zero expectations.  Thus, I came out more than entertained, to the point where some guys from work wanted to go two nights later and I had no objections to seeing it again.

Finished Valkyria Chronicles last weekend, now just going through again to unlock the last few pieces of content to be opened.  Definitely recommended to PS3 owners who are anime and/or Strategic RPG and/or Turn-based Strategy fans, as well as those who like an immersive story.

The new Transformers trailer is making me look more and more forward to the movie coming out.

Gacked from annearchy :

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